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About us

Carbones Italia Srl is a subsidiary company of Carbones Holding GmbH domiciled in Vienna, Austria – a global trading house for metallurgical commodities with well established business relation to leading companies of the iron-, steel- and foundry world for more than 20 years.

Carbones Italia Srl takes over the existing segment of coal distribution and shall develop the European market for anthracite coal. Constant stocks in Italy, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria and Germany will guarantee just-in-time deliveries to steel plants, foundries, producers of soda ash and customers of the cement industry.

Close cooperation with Carbones Holding GmbH, one of the largest distributors for pig iron and metallurgical commodities in Europe generates synergies and enables Carbones Italia Srl to offer Magnesium, Mg-Alloys and Mg-Granules for hot iron desulphurization directly from the producer.